Andonova, Veneta

  • #1 written by Anonymous 5 years ago

    well prepared, professional,

  • #2 written by Anonymous 5 years ago

    She is super excited about her class. The subject (Strategic) is useful and to me it seemed quite easy – just learn the theory, and later on apply it to real-life scenarios. I like the fact that it’s not all dry theory, like this it’s much more fun.

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    She is competent in many fields, which makes her very suitable for teaching strategy. I admired her enthusiasm and involvement. She is one of the few professors in the Business department that do actually teach in a consistent, deep and scientific way.

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    about her personality: very energetic and enthusiastic.. however, this should have some boundaries, and she goes far beyond them :D
    her exams: though she presents clearly the material, her assignments and exams mostly do not cover the topics discussed, or it is just that the questions she asks are totally confusing.

  • #5 written by Anonymous 7 years ago

    Last time we did aerobics/salsa in the beginning of the class.. :D

  • #6 written by Anonymous 7 years ago

    At times, she gets really obnoxious and annoying – like when she talks about the same thing for 30 minutes, getting louder and louder as she speaks. Sometimes, I have a feeling she is expecting too much from the students. But other times she is more relaxed – to sum up, you never know what to expect from her!

  • #7 written by Anonymous 7 years ago

    I consider her a great professor as well as experienced, energetic, motivated and inspiring faculty member. Her style of teaching encourages brainstorming and development of analytic and argumentative skills of the students. She explains material in a really unique and clear way which significantly fosters the learning process. Some students consider her a tough grader because she is quite judgmental about student written assignments. I would strongly recommend anyone to take Strategic Management with Prof. Andorova

  • #8 written by Anonymous 7 years ago

    She is really energetic in the class and tries to get every student to participate. She is quite demanding though sometimes. It is hard to understand how she grades the essays. But she is worth taking, and cheers to the guys taking her elective class next semester – good choice.

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