How can I join the Student Government?

All currently enrolled students at AUBG are eligible to run for the Student Government. In order to join SG, interested students need to be elected by the student body. Elections for the Senate are held annually, at the beginning of each academic year. In case a senator’s position becomes available, the SG announces elections to fill in the position. There are 12 SG members (Senators) with a one year mandate, in accordance with the SG constitution.
Students who wish to be part of the Student Government can also apply for the position of the Student Representative, which are an essential part of the Student Government and its communication with the Administration, University committees and decision-taking in various departments. Student Representative positions are announced when needed, often at the beginning of each academic year. Each candidate goes through a process of application filling and interview with the Student Representative Selection Committee.
You can find out more about the job of the Student Representative on http://sg.aubg.bg

What are the responsibilities of a Student Government member?

The responsibilities of Student Government members are various and depend on their positions. Activities of student senators include attending weekly official meetings of the Student Government, membership in one of the two Student Government Committees: Budgetary Committee and Student Representative Selection Committee. Moreover, each senator is responsible to work on the Student Government goals announced at the first official SG meeting, and report monthly on his/her progress. As representatives of the student body, senators are also responsible for voicing and bringing up for discussion student concerns and needs, initiate various projects and be active participants in the decision making process, as well as in the community’s activities.

When and where are the meetings held?

For the academic year 2011-2012 official meeting are held on Wednesdays, 4 pm in the Conference Room (#103), Balkanski Academic Center.
The SG also holds unofficial meeting to better organize its work.
All the students are free to attend the meetings.
All students are free to express their concerns of problems at the meetings.

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